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Venetian blinds consist of strips of faux wood that are aligned in a horizontal fashion. These slats are located on top of one another and their angles can be adjusted to allow the maximum or minimum amount of light into a room. They will be suspended by strips of cloth or cords. One of the reasons that faux wood is chosen arises from the fact that normal wood can sometimes have the tendency to warp (depending upon the exposure to sunlight, the type of wood and the ambient moisture conditions). Thus, faux wood is an excellent and cost-effective alternative. However, we should note here that modern technology has allowed these variants to be extremely appealing and their appearance virtually mirrors their traditional wooden counterparts. As always, a wide variety of colours and hues are available to match the existing decor within your home.s can be used including PVC, vinyl and fabrics. These blinds can come in varying lengths and heights. One of the advantages of this type is that due to their horizontal nature, they will provide a smaller room with the illusion of space. If required, the blinds can be completely pulled to the top.

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Roller blinds are quite a popular option due to their solid appearance. The material is contained within an upper roller and unfurled vertically. One of the benefits of these models is that varying amounts of light can enter through the fabric. Levels from nearly transparent to virtually opaque can be selected. When privacy and light control are preferred (such as on the ground floor of a home), roller blinds may be the ideal option.

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As their name hints, these blinds will hang vertically as opposed to horizontally with a series of individual fabric strips. The angle of these strips can be changed to let in varying amounts of light. Numerous materials can be used including PVC, vinyl and fabrics. These blinds can come in varying lengths and heights. One of the advantages of this type is that due to their vertical nature, they will provide a smaller room with the illusion of space. If required, the blinds can be completely pulled to either side; affording an unobstructed view of the exterior environment.

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Also known as roman shades, these blinds are an interesting departure from traditional horizontal models. They consist of a mass of cloth that will fold up in an accordion-like fashion when it is drawn upward. These will offer an elegant appeal to the home and the materials chosen can be translucent or extremely opaque (such as thicker cloth). Likewise, the blinds can be drawn up or down to very specific levels to accommodate various privacy needs. Horizon Blinds is happy to supply a number of different colours to select. Each will be extremely helpful in adding a rich flavour to any room within your home.

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Pleated blinds offer a soft and classy appeal within the home. This arises from the fact that they are constructed from a solid fabric that is able to unfold as it is vertically raised and lowered. As the edges themselves are sharp, they are excellent at breaking up solid colours while they will provide a bespoke sense of light and shadow. These blinds can be offered in a number of thicknesses; this will help to determine how much light enters into the room. Various hues are also able to be chosen; adding a subtle flavour to an environment when light passes through.

pleated blinds blackpool

These are the classical counterparts to modern faux wood Venetian blinds. The advantage with this choice is that a variety of woods can be chosen such as cedar, bamboo, oak and mahogany. Wood provides an excellent sense of warmth; ideally suited for rooms with a more traditional appeal. It should also be mentioned that both these and faux wood blinds provide excellent sources of insulation. This can be a concern within colder climates or if you do not currently own double-glazed widows. The grains within the wood will add a sense of personality to this window dressing and as no two slats are ever alike, you can rest assured that your set of Venetian blinds is truly original.

faux wood venetian blinds blackpool

My name is Caron Webster, I run my local family business supplying & fitting all types of interior blinds from Faux Wood & Real Wood Venetian blinds, Roman blinds, Vertical blinds Roller blinds and the new, affordable motorised Roller Blinds.

I have lived in Staining for the past 12 years & cover all areas of the Fylde Coast, including Blackpool, Bispham, Thornton Cleveleys, Fleetwood & Over Wyre.

I provide a free, no obligation measuring & quotation service.  I never pressure any of my customers as I am confident that the quality products I use, friendly customer service & competitive prices I provide, the blinds simply sell themselves.  For peace of mind I offer a 12 month guarantee on all blinds supplied & fitted by me.

I have an eye for detail and am more than happy to share my knowledge & advice, if required, as to contrasting colours and /or

coordinating any type of blind to your existing home decor or re-decorating.

I supply a wide variety of all types of blinds & have samples of every type which I show potential customers so they can see exactly what they are getting, whether it be the feel of the different fabrics or exact colour to match.  I am confident I have something to suit everyone’s tastes & budgets.

To arrange a free, no obligation appointment, please contact me either by email, Facebook, text, land line or mobile number, all of which can be found on my website or Facebook page @ “Horizon Blinds (Inc Panda Blinds).  I have many testimonials on my Facebook page which speak volumes for themselves.  


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